"It quickly became the highlight of my son's week"

Yasmine H. Solal’s Mum 8yo

"For all the creative people amongst you, this is the course for your kids"

Sylvie Mummy of 6 yo

"I am so impressed with everything Sophie's done at Bozart Club that I could go on and on with praises"

Frederique, Max’s Mum 8yo

Dear Sofy, Thank you for being such an amazing art teacher and guiding us through the world of Art!

The children of l’Ecole Bilingue

  • Introducing your children to the history of art and plastic art
  • Developing their observation
  • Widening their artistic sensibility
  • Improving their creativity

From Prehistoric times to the New Realists, your children will familiarise with the works of great artists whilst travelling throughout several eras and different civilisations. Painting, sculpture, modelling, drawing, collage, all the plastic techniques will be used to develop their taste for experimentation and the awakening of their artistic curiosity.

An artistic movement is introduced through the work of a painter or a sculptor. After a short discussion, the children are invited to create their own work using the appropriate techniques.​

SOfy Casado has a Masters in Visual Arts and History of Arts from the Sorbonne University, Paris (Centre St Charles).

A Big Thank You for your trust on me and Bozart during those past weeks/days. It’s been a pleasure to teach your child(ren) on Zoom guiding them is their creative and artistic adventures. I’ve been impressed by the quality of their artworks no matter their age and level. It’s been very rewarding being able to bring people from various schools based in London as well as people from France, Belgium and even Spain all together sharing the same passion for Arts. And I can’t thank you enough for your support and kindness. 

See you soon on Zoom as some more Holiday classes will be planned on a regular basis as well as a weekly Bozart Session every Tuesday from September.

Live sessions in class BOZART Clubs will resume as soon as possible in the following schools (Lycée Français: André Malraux, La Petite Ecole Française, Ecole Française Jacques Prévert and L’Ecole Bilingue de Paddington) at usual times according to the government requirements and the health and safety protocol announced by then.



* Initiation classes of history of arts and plastic arts, from 4-5 years old, in french and english, in accordance with the official curriculum of the french “Education Nationale” (BO N32 of August 28th 2008)

YEAR 2019/2020


Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle Ecole Andre Malraux

44 Laurie Rd, London W7 1BL

Monday 15h40-17h (CE1-CM2)


La Petite Ecole Francaise

73 St Charles Square, London W10 6EJ

Tuesday 15h30-17h (MS-GS-CP)

Tuesday 15h30-17h (CE1-CM2)


L’Ecole Bilingue

St David’s Welsh Church, St Mary’s Terrace, London W2 1SJ

Les Mercredis 12h-14h


L’Ecole Francaise Jacques Prevert

59 Brook Green, Hammersmith, London W6 7BE

Wednesday 13h30-15h (CE1-CM2)

Thursday 15h40-17h10 (CP-CM2)


College Bilingue Francais de Londres (CFBL)

87 Holmes Rd, London NW5 3AX

Friday 16h15-17h45 (CE1-CM2)

Ask for the registration form!!!